At Digital Learning, we bring industry and academic knowledge together with experience to build solutions that deliver exceptional results. Essentially, we get to do really neat projects with really neat people – our team, our clients, our partners. We’ve been working this way since 1993.  We’ve work with start-ups and well-established organizations (public & private) across many sectors: technology, publishing, finance, education and entertainment.

Lead by Avi J. Cohen and Susan Cohen,  we are a small practice that works with circle of professionals who bring domain expertise to specific engagements like the experience architects at Emerging Methods, the cultural architects at Museum Planning Partners, the mobile architects at Play Dynamics or the team architects at Media Intelligence.

Whether you are building an interactive environment, bringing a new product/service to market, developing a growth/change management strategy, we can help.

Our team members have worked with startups like, CompanyDNA (acquired by Panorama Software) and Vizible (acquired by OpenText) as well as major organizations like Target, Intel, Deutsche Bank, Pearson, EDS, Zel Technologies, York University, The University of Toronto, Sheridan College, Seneca College and The Government of Ontario.